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Private Seminars


  Fundamentals of GMPs
  Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  Environmental Monitoring for Non-Sterile Drugs
  Pharmaceutical Waters

  Validation Series:
  Laboratory Incubators
                Laboratory Autoclaves

  Dissecting Series:
USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness
        USP <61> Microbial Enumerations
        USP <62> Specified Microorganisms
        USP <71> Sterility Tests
        USP <1227> Validation of Microbial Recovery


Elite MicroSource Corporation is an experienced, trusted and cost-effective training center for pharmaceutical microbiology (Quality Control) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Since 1998, the company offers technical seminars for Quality Control Microbiology, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing professionals in FDA regulated industries. Special seminars in contamination control and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are available for manufacturing personnel.

Elite MicroSource specializes in half-day technical QC and GMP training seminars. In addition, our seminars are regional thus closer to your work place. This makes the seminars convenient to attend and adds savings to your training dollars. Personnel who are only taking one training session can typically go to work for several hours the same day of our seminar. Elite MicroSource is known for information packed, regulation demystifying, cost effective seminars.

As a professional in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Biologics, Veterinary Drugs, Medical Devices or Contract Laboratories, you will find valuable training in our QC and GMP seminars that will provide or enhance your knowledge and will empower you to excel in your day to day activities at work. Review our seminar offerings and register online via this website by going to our Registration page, by calling us, faxing, mailing or e-mailing your information.

Visit our blog page to review or learn facts that are important yet sometimes forgotten, and try to answer correctly the GMP and QC Microbiology questions. We recommend you check the blog posts from the start, as they have useful information tidbits. See how well you know details in your field of expertise...

Be always ready to take on your work challenges by attending our training seminars!

Special Seminars

  All of Elite MicroSource Seminars can be taken to your site and can be customized.  If   
  you have a group of people who should listen to the same topic, a Private Seminar may
  be the most cost effective choice.  Contact us for details!

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